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Imo Lottery Result : imo Lottery Winner 2019 list for the imo Customers to contact imo Head Office Number and WhatsApp Helpline. imo lottery winners can get their cash prize of 25 lakh to 35 lakhs from any nearest bank by following some easy steps of KBC (kaun banega crorepati).
Do you want to check your imo lottery result? You should call KBC Head Office Number to check your imo lottery online because we are officially registered with Imo KBC Lucky Draw.

Do you receive any Imo Lottery Winner fake sms

If you receive your lottery prize sms or your imo lottery number you are able to get your prize money from KBC imo head office.
To conform your imo lottery result just call to imo head office number and there is imo whatsapp helpline number available.
Imo Lucky draw held everyday for those imo users who recharge their sim card regularly. So if you would like to be a winner of KBC imo Lucky Draw Winner 2019 please keep recharging your sim card.
You can be a KBC imo Lottery Winner 2019 soon and u will receive conformation message from imo lottery head office or you can also check your imo lottery result by visiting imo official website. We provided complete list of imo lottery Winner below the if you find your name in these listed name congratulation! you are the winner of imo lottery winner.
Check imo lottery result online 2019

Imo Lottery Result Online Updates 2019

Beware! you can receive many kind of fake calls of imo lottery don't belive on them they will cheat you. They are some fraud people you can call to imo head office number to find out imo head office will take action against them.
There are many officers of Imo KBC are working imo head office when you will call them one of them will talk you. You can register your complain about fraud and fake imo lottery to imo head office number. This is imo phone number 0019188444454.
Check Imo Lottery result online 2019

Imo Online Lottery Winners List of 2019

Name: Sunil Kumar
Lottery Amount:25,00,000
Mobile Number:879****270
State: Uttar Pradesh
 kbc 25 lakh lottery
Name: Neha Mehla
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:893****052
State: Haryana
kbc lottery 25 lakhs kbc winner
Name: Majharul Haque
Winner of 35,00,000
Mobile Number:900****667
State: West Bengal
 kbc lucky draw 2018
Name: Ravikanth Srinivasa
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:944****040
State:Andhra Pradesh
 KBC Lottery Winner
Name:Patel Chirag
KBC Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:987****221
State: Gujrat
 KBC Lucky Draw Winner
Name: Devendra Malviya
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:883****600
State: Madhya Pradesh
 kbc lottery winner 2018
Name: Jaswinder Singh
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:991****733
 KBC Lottery Winners 2018
Name: Vijay Kumar
Winner of 35,00,000
Mobile Number:839****418
State: Haryana
kbc lottery winners
Name: Bhushan Kumar
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:705****230
State: Jammu & Kashmir
 kbc lucky winner 2018
It is your responsibility that you should not respond to the fake caller. To avoid such type of fraud Imo introduce an online system to check your name in the Imo winner list. If you receive a fake call you can complain in our Imo Head Office Number. People receive the message from unknown sources that they win prizes from Imo. Only greedy people respond to such type of fake call and message and create tension for himself. The people who make a fake call use such technique that innocent people easily believe them and lose their money. “Imo Helpline Number”
Imo All India Lucky Draw 2019 with Amitabh Bhachan and Selman Khan
Dear Lovers of Imo Game Congratulations! Now You Can Participate in Imo lottery Winner Without Any Registration, because Imo Connected to All Indian Sim card Companies. Your Sim card can Be Included in Imo Lucky Draw 2019. You can become Imo Lucky Winner of this Season. So Keep Connected With Imo . Beware From Fake Lottery Calls & SMS.

There are many lover of kbc lottery winner and Imo lottery winner who are willing to get lottery price. there are simple steps to get Imo lottery. if you have received lottery number first step is take is. just call to Imo head office number. they will let you know about your lottery. and they also will allow you to get lottery price. you have to submit some information about yourself.

Dear customer if you receive any fake call about Imo lottery winner 2019, then firstly confirm that’s true are not. Today you are receiving a lot of fake calls about Imo winner 2019. Dear Imo Customer if you receive any call from unknown Numbers, and receive lottery number/lucky number, then firstly confirm to our Imo Team, If you late then it’s harmful to you and your family. Thanks.

Imo lottery is one of the famous lottery in india many people change their life style by getting Imo lottery. you can also change your life style by getting Imo lottery. to get Imo lottery fast you can buy Imo lottery ticket from Imo head office. After buying Imo lottery ticket you will be able to get more chance to win Imo lottery. Get one of the best Imo lottery ticket for you. it will be winner Imo lottery ticket. Just call us to Imo kbc head office number and register your Imo tickets.

Instruction For Imo Winners.
  • Dear Imo customers now you can collect any type of information about your sim card.
  • Do not tell to anyone about your prize due to security reason, you want only call us for information about lottery cash.
  • Dear customer if you do publicity about your prize then the company does not help you about the lottery prize because when you do publicity about your prize, then any one can buy duplicate sim or he/she can harm full to you or your family.
  • Our duty is inform to you your duty act at it.
  • I think you do act at our warning and do every thing in life.
  • Congrats you and your complete family.
  • Be happy and do complete your dreams.

Imo Lottery Result Online 2019

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